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SX14 Remote Adjustable, Adjustable and Standard (shown) $249.95

  • Anodized Heat Treated Aluminum
  • Small Lightweight 1.4 Bore Size
  • High Strength Shaft
  • Linear Piston
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9" Lengths
  • Custom Lengths Available
  • Owner Rebuildable
  • Digressive Piston
  • Linear/Digressive Piston
  • Precision CNC Machined and 100% Dyno Tested
  • SUPER SHOX are designed to keep the tires on the ground so that all the expensive horsepower is put to use.

Shock Lengths


  • Super Shox SX14 with Compression Adjustable add $175.00 
  • Super Shox SX14 with Adjustable Rebound add $249.95 
  • Super Shox SX14 Coil Over Kit add $48.00 
  • Super Shox SX14 Remote Cable add $60.00 
  • Super Shox SX14 Complete Kit $679.95 


The SUPER SHOX SX14 Series Mono-tube gas assist shock represents the cutting edge of oval track shock absorber technology. SUPER SHOX offers the racer advantages over the competition that are simply not available from any other race shock company.

Fastest heat dissipation in the industry.
The smallest aluminum mono-tube shock available.
Light, light, light.The SX147 (7" stroke) weighs only 2.37 lbs.
Lowest rod pressure in the industry.
Strong, strong, strong. Toughest small diameter body shaft available.

The SX14 Series has a 1.4" diameter bore and piston.

SUPER SHOX has 3 unique piston designs that offer infinitive valving combinations of linear/digressive pistons.

Standard lengths are available: 6, 7, 8 and 9". Custom lengths and other parts are available at an additional charge.

Our complete line of coil springs are guaranteed for life for spring rate and free length.

We provide shocks for Asphalt and Dirt Racing Cars including but not limited to Midgets, Mini Sprints, Non-Wing Sprints, Wing Sprints, Silver Crown, Modifieds, Late Models and more.

A very detailed look at why the SX14 is by far superior!

The purpose of the shock is to control the motion of the chassis. To do this the shock uses some sort of valve to meter oil. This then generates heat that needs to be dissipated to the atmosphere.

In a twin tube shock there is a steel inner tube that contains a piston and a valve. The shock is then filled with oil, and wrapped with a plastic bag and filled with nitrogen.

The problems with this design are:

  • The steel inner tube retains heat in the most crucial area around the piston where the heat is generated.
  • The steel tube also takes up valuable space that could be oil.
  • The plastic bag filled with nitrogen that is wrapped around the inner tube is a great insulator to keep the heat in.
  • The valves are usually controlled by a small spring that is not very accurate or repeatable or long lasting.
  • The oil that is used is usually a mineral oil that does not dissipate heat very well or maintain viscosity and resist cavitation.
  • Further more, by not having the oil pressurized, the oil will develop air bubbles.

When a shocks oil gets hot it's viscosity breaks down and then the shock loses it's ability to dampen the motion of the chassis. When a shocks oil cavitates, the oil is also thinned out and this leads to shock fade.

With the design of the twin tube shock it would seem that they were designed to fade. The future of racing shocks is mono-tube design. Mono-tube shocks are designed for high performance use. This design is the choice of Formula One, IRL, CART, WINSTON CUP, BUSH, CRAFTSMEN TRUCKS, motocross bikes, snowmobiles, and ATV's just to name a few.

Because mono-tube shocks have the basic design and ability to control the chassis and dissipate heat...SUPER SHOX has taken the mono-tube design into the new millennium with superior engineering and affordability. The SX14 series shock has many features that separate it from the competition. Starting with the basic mono-tube construction. The outer body contains the oil, shaft piston and divider piston. The outer body is made of 6061-T6 aluminum and are machined from raw material to very close tolerances.

The fully threaded body has several purposes:

  1. For coil over applications
  2. For extra protection from damage
  3. For heat dissipation

On the inside a divider piston is installed at a very specific location to create a gas chamber. This piston is free floating to keep oil pressurized at all times. A synthetic oil with anti-foaming additives and high lubricity is filled to the top. A shaft piston is also installed with deflective discs. Once the air bleed is out of the piston the rod guide seal housing can be installed. While tightening the housing excess oil is bled out of the shock leaving a completely air free environment. At this time the shock is charged through the schrader valve. This is a true high performance racing shock!

SUPER SHOX proprietary oil maintains its viscosity by transferring the heat to the aluminum body which is air cooled. SX14 shocks usually run at ambient temperature. This cooling technique along with the anti-foaming additives is what eliminates shock fade. The process used to build the valve stack makes them very strong and durable and the bleed is accomplished through special bleed discs in the valve stack giving very precise control.

SX14 seals have very minimal seal friction. Seal friction is something that is very critical to the race car. For example, a competitors mono-tube shock requires 8 lbs of force to move the shaft and takes 14 lbs of force to keep the shaft moving. Multiply this x 4 for each corner of the car and you need 24 lbs of force to get the chassis to move and 56 lbs of force to keep it moving! SX14 shafts only require 4 lbs of force to move and 1 lb of force to keep them moving! This will affect how quickly the chassis reacts and will also affect how much the driver will be able to feel the race track.

SUPER SHOX guarantees the valvings for the life of the shock. What this means is if a customer feels that a shock is not performing as it once did they can send it back to SUPER SHOX for an evaluation. The shock will be dyno tested and compared to the original dyno sheet. If an out of tolerance condition is present then the valving will be replaced free of charge.

Shaft construction is another major difference between SX14 shocks and other mono-tube shocks on the market. The SX14 shaft is only 7/16" in diameter. A small shaft size does many things to improve the performance of the shock:

  1. Less multiplication of rod pressure
  2. Less seal friction
  3. Less weight
  4. Less steel area to retain heat
  5. The shaft will bend before it will break
  6. High surface hardness to resist damage
  7. Special chrome plating process that extends seal life

Shock valving is also a major consideration in purchasing a shock. SUPER SHOX offers many base line valvings or custom user defined valvings that can be built at no additional cost. The SX14 piston design is very high flowing, therefore allowing the valve stack to be tuned over a wide range of conditions. One of the main advantages of the SX14 piston is the ability to build in extreme amounts of low speed rebound control without affecting the compression side. SUPER SHOX offers three different piston designs to suit the variety of conditions that exist. Every shock built is dyno tested and shipped with the printed dyno sheet so the customer knows exactly what they are buying. This is also a great way for racers to make shock changes and know exactly what is changing. Having this information is invaluable and many of SUPER SHOX customers have discovered how to use this information to tune their race cars. Without question having shocks that are accurate, repeatable, dependable, and tunable is a major advantage over the off-the- shelf brands. The off-the-shelf standard shocks are inconsistent and unreliable choices that racers have been using until now.

SUPER SHOX also has adjustable shocks for the racer that is looking for the advantage to tune the valvings during a race. The remote cockpit adjustable shock can be set up for rebound adjustment, dual adjustment, or compression adjustment only. All adjustments are done by turning a knob that is mounted in a comfortable position for the driver to reach. The dual adjustment is accomplished by turning one knob that will change compression and rebound dampening simultaneously. The shocks are setup to primarily adjust low speed control that has the most effect on car handling. The range of adjustment is about the range of three different valved shocks. To make the adjustment easy to control, the adjusters were designed with twenty clicks and it takes five complete revolutions of the knob for the full range of adjustment. These features make the shock very user friendly for all levels of experience.

With all of the superior design features of the SX14 shock, it is easy to understand why these shocks are so reliable, consistent, accurate and have such a long useable life. By investing in SUPER SHOX the customer is taking their racing program to a higher level. They are also giving themselves a better opportunity to run at the front of the pack, improve their overall car setup, learn more about shock valving, have repeatable setups, experience better car handling and most importantly, improved driver confidence. All of these features add up to savings in one form or another whether it is less rebuilds, less time and money spent shipping shocks, more prize money and even fewer crashes. The racer of today is smarter and looks for every advantage that technology has to offer - SUPER SHOX


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