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Black Magic Racing Shocks
Call now for the shocking truth.
(973) 684-7270

Finally! A racing shock that is truly owner serviceable!

Built by SHADOW

Our new Black Magic Racing Shocks were developed for the Dirt Modified, Late Model and Asphalt market. The Black Magic Racing Shock sports a 9/16" hardened steel polished shaft with a Teflon inner shaft bushing to reduce drag. Using a 46mm piston, our new big body shock is made from 7075 T6 aluminum and is hard anodized making it the toughest shock on the market!

Its fully threaded body serves many purposes. For coil over spring applications, Black Magic Racing Shocks eliminate the need for coil over kits and also enhances the cooling capabilities of this modern day shock. Black Magic Racing Shocks' tough as nails exterior will help against tube damage from flying debris from the race surface!

Linear or digressive valving gives a large range to choose from, and with the addition of our own Black Magic Clear shock oil, shock fade is a phrase you can forget!

Black Magic Clear shock oil allows for E-Z inspection of wear or dirt! Our shocks can run high or low gas pressures ranging from 40 to 250 psi giving the driver a different "feel" for the car i.e. "dry slick to wet and heavy". This is just another E-Z tuning feature.

All of our Black Magic Racing Shocks come with their own dyno sheet! There's no guessing what you have; you will know! You also can purchase a valve stack to change your shock's valving or if you have your own shock dyno you can purchase a complete shim kit to make changes on your own. A deluxe kit comes with a wrench, fluid, seals, shims, for a modest price any weekend racer can afford!

Black Magic Racing Shocks are built with the same quality you expect from Shadow Racing Products. We never compromise on quality for profit. Like our other products, quality is second to none. At Shadow Racing Products, you always finish first!

Available in 5" through 10".

Coil Kit - $44.95


2.5" Liquid Filled Nitrogen Fill Gauge - $110.95


Black Magic Shim Kit - $119.95

Starter shim kit (above) includes:

  • shims
  • schrader valve cores
  • schrader cap
  • schrader body
  • nitrogen divider piston seal
  • teflon wiper piston band
  • shock shaft seal
  • shock shaft wiper seal
  • shock head seal

1 Qt. Black Magic Shock Oil - $28.95

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